Days of Suffering – The Challenge of God’s Silence

By Karen Polich

Pastor Michael Cook brings us to Job 32. Listen to the podcast here. We meet Elihu who though younger, turns out to be wiser than Job’s three “friends” who have been speaking to him. Out of respect, he waited until they were done before speaking.

Elihu is angry but respectful. He is upset with the supposed friends as well as Job for his continual arguments with God as he struggles. It is God who endows true wisdom and Elihu shows wisdom despite his age.

Job has experienced deep loss and pain. Added to all of the despair is his frustration with God’s silence. But unlike Zophar, Bildad and Eliphaz, Elihu begins to speak words of life to Job. He questions the three “friends” for their words and speaks with great passion while remaining impartial.

What do we do when we feel like God is silent? Do we listen to all of the voices around us? Is God’s wisdom something we seek? What God has called, He will sustain. Even in the midst of opposition, God’s plan in our lives cannot be stopped by other people. We are here to please Him.

When things become hard, we may ask if we are really where we are supposed to be. It may seem like God is being silent. Has God placed a calling on your life that you are struggling with? Continue to seek Him, you may be surprised by the messenger He sends your way.