Life Changing Christmas

By Ken Edwards

Unique gifts are not easy to find. It takes work to find the right gift that truly expresses our feelings and our love. There is a heartfelt joy when we see that smile from ear-to-ear when they receive that prefect gift.

The best gift might be a special toy, or the newest electronic gadget this year. For some clothes may be perfect while others will cry, “Next package please.” Gift cards can be an easy way to shop, but we lose the joy of finding the right gift.

Our goal should be to inspire a special moment that changes the life of both the giver and the receiver. Unfortunately, Christmas has become more about, “What will I get” rather than “What can I give.”

What happened to the idea that our mother told us about; “It’s not the gift, but the thought that counts”?

Here is an idea that may bring some of that back into our Christmas. Something that is unique, expresses our love and leaves a lasting impact. A gift that teaches our family about giving and not just receiving. This sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

There are many simple, low cost ideas that make good teaching moments with our children. Try turning this Christmas into a family ministry Christmas. Here are five low cost ideas that could change your life and someone else too.

Bake some cookies and deliver them to a shut-in down the street. Use this opportunity to pray with them in front of your children.

Send a military care package with goodies to someone away from home this Christmas. Get your children involved with the packing. Include a small Bible or devotional book, and explain to your children the importance of studying God’s Word.

Take a hat or some winter gloves to a homeless shelter like The Rock at Noon Day Ministries. See if you can volunteer with an age appropriate activity for your children.

Sponsor a child in an orphanage or make a special donation for a missionary. Then keep their picture on your refrigerator. When you pray for them at the mealtime, you will remind your family that we can carry out the Great Commission in our own family.

Make some inexpensive craft items for the residents in a local nursing home. The residents love children, and your visit may bring a special joy to them as they interact with your children.

Unique gifts are not easy to find. When we make the effort, we may find that magical moment that changes the life of both the giver and the receiver.

During the hustle bustle of this Christmas season, remember, the greatest gift ever given was the birth our Savior Jesus Christ.