Common Mistakes Men Make

By Kevin Polich

Common mistakes men make stem from allowing impulses to drive their behavior. As men, we see something we want and we take it. What feels good in the moment is often our undoing.

We can learn much from Samson and his inability to control his behavior. Have you ever read through the story of Samson from start to finish, letting it soak in? Read Judges 13-16 here.

Samson’s impulses continued to be his undoing. You can listen to the sermon series, Manology, via podcast here.

Pastor Michael M. Cook detailed four major mistakes that come when we are driven by our impulses. (From Judges 14-15.) Lust gets us in trouble. Samson wanted the Philistine woman regardless of anything else. We disregard advice from those we trust. Samson ignored the warnings of his parents. When we disregard the advice of the believers in our life, we are in great danger. Drunkenness brings nothing that improves of builds up a man’s life. Samson made a huge wager while under the influence. Anger is destructive. Samson blamed everyone else for his problems. His anger and revenge became a cycle that went on and on. He tried to justify it when he should have taken responsibility.

“When as men are we going to rise up and take responsibility for the choices we make?” – Michael M. Cook

Think about those “Why did you do that?” moments. It’s defeating when we’ve blown it. What can we do to live the way we should? Here are three things to help us be the men God has called us to be.

  1. Resolve to do what is right. James 4:17 Is there an area in your life where you know what you ought to be doing, but you aren’t doing it right?
  1. Don’t be afraid to cry out to God. Samson cried out and God revived him. It seems crazy, but how many times has God met me in my troubles? Despite his destructive ways, God still gave Samson new opportunities.
  1. Remember where God will meet you. God meets us in our brokenness, not in our pride.

There is hope for every man. God can build us into the men we should be. We must seek Him and trust Him. We must be willing to cry out to Him in our brokenness. Moving beyond the common mistakes men make, we can be more and live a life of freedom.


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