The Potential in Every Man

By Kevin Polich

Potential is God’s gift to us in our lives. What we do with it is our gift back to Him. – Michael M. Cook

Every man is given an incredible amount of potential. Pastor Michael M. Cook began his Manology sermon series on Sunday. This series is an opportunity for us as men to be intentional about who God wants us to be. It’s a chance to do better and be more. It’s may also be a tough few weeks to spark growth.

Pastor Cook gave us four God-given gifts that set the standard for living out our potential. (Listen to the podcast here.)

You are set apart to do great things for God. (Judges 13:1-5) God has given each of us special skills and has a purpose for us. It isn’t the same for each of us, yet we are prone to comparing ourselves to others. Where do I measure up? Those comparisons can take a toll on a man’s self-image.

God measures differently. He looks at who He made us to be and His potential.

You have great parents. (Judges 13:8) Parents are significant and set the standard. Regardless of good or bad parents, God’s potential isn’t hindered. A rough background can motivate us to give better than we got. Solid parents give us a solid start. It’s still our own actions that matter.

You have a great name. (Judges 13:24) Samson ruined his great name and blocked his potential. As a man, name and reputation is valuable. If your name is tarnished, get to the business of restoring it.

You have a clear direction in life. (Judges 13:5) Living with intention? If things are not going well, it may not be an issue of time, but an issue of priority. We each choose how we will react in every situation. What matters most and has top priority in your life?

As Pastor Cook discussed, men exist with a level of fragility. There is a quiet fear of failure that tugs at our core. But it shouldn’t define us. When we seek God’s potential, there is nothing to fear, yet it doesn’t always feel like that way. Am I making a difference and anywhere near my potential? God has set each of us apart but sometimes the question remains, “For what?”.

“Even if he can’t put words to it, every man is quietly haunted by the questions, ‘Am I really a man and have I got what it takes’”? – John Eldridge from Wild at Heart

This sermon series may be the spark that sets a fire for us to discover our potential. Are you ready for more?



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