God Does Amazing Things at Youth Camp

By Bethany Bentley

We had all been hearing about Falls Creek for months. We’d been hearing about how much fun it was, and how there were going to be about 5,000 other students. We were praying that God was going to do great things, that He would change lives. But I don’t think anything prepared us for what happened last week. How could any of us have been prepared to watch Dani Nieves walk from Death to Life and then watch her become a New Creation literally overnight? How could we have been prepared to stand up with I don’t know how many other students and pour out our hearts in worship?

I think everyone who went to camp could babble about it for hours and hours, because as much as we talk about it, I don’t think we can truly describe what we saw. At least I can’t. You can’t accurately describe to someone how unspeakably amazing it was to watch literally hundreds of students rush forward to the front of the room wanting to make a decision to follow Christ. We saw the Lord call hundreds of His lost sheep home; four of them were our friends.

During one of those times, Laurynn Dreher came down to the front and Dani (who had given her life to Christ only a few days ago) walked with her. As she was going back she was literally jumping over seats because she was so excited that Laurynn was giving her life to Christ. When we say we saw lives changed, that is exactly what we mean.

If you ask Ashley Tafoya what her favorite part of camp was she will say (paraphrased), “I liked that the focus was on God, not the activities.” And she’s right. At the end of the day we didn’t go to bed exhausted because we had played on the lake all day. We went to bed exhausted because our “evening” small groups had lingered until “1:30 sometimes 2:00 in the morning” small groups. We didn’t go to bed weeping because we were sunburned, we wept because what else can you do when confronted with such a strong Family that the Lord has given you? When your heart is so full of love for those around you and awe of the Lord what else can you do?

Falls Creek was fun, yes, but more than that we all left with our lives changed in amazing ways. We left prepared to stand up as one and fight for a broken city. As a youth group and as a church have work to do, and it’s time to get going.


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