Taking God’s Truth Across the Globe

By Stewart Linthicum

In October of 2015, God began assembling a team of 21 individuals who were called to take His message of salvation to the small country of Malawi. For over eight months, these men and women prayed, studied, and worked to prepare for the trip. On May 26, the group left the Land of Enchantment and quickly found themselves at work in the Warm Heart of Africa.

For ten days the 2016 Malawi Mission Team partnered with local pastors and church leaders to take the gospel to the uttermost parts or the world. Knowing this was the largest team AFBC had sent to Malawi since 2006, expectations were high, but no one was prepared for the incredible results God had in store.

This year’s team was able to reach nearly 14,000 people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Groups took part in school evangelism, hut to hut evangelism, prison ministry, church planting, leadership and skill training, baptism and more.

The week began with a visit to the new well site at the Kamwendo Village. Last fall, AFBC was able to fund the digging of a new deep-water will for this community. The team took time to pray for the people and hold a dedication service for the new well. The week concluded with the drilling of an additional deep-water-well near a brand new church plant.

The Jesus Film was shown to three different villages throughout the week. This included preaching and testimony from six of the team members. For many Malawians, this was the first film they had ever seen and it was the first time they had heard the Gospel message. It is no exaggeration to say that hundreds came to know Christ each night.

Our last day included a visit to a prison in the capitol city of Lilongwe. It is shocking to see poverty and desperation when you visit a Malawian village, but it is nothing compared to the desperation you see in the eyes of the men and women living in the prisons of Malawi. God was able to use the testimonies of our team members and the sharing if His Word to reach many people who have been living hopeless lives.

Throughout the ten days spent in Malawi God was able to touch the lives of thousands of people. It is overwhelming to know that more than 9,000 people received Christ as their personal Savior.

God is moving in Malawi in way that is indescribable. There is truth to His Word, power in His Name and He continues to change lives every day.

For more information about the Malawi Mission Project, or to sign up for our 2017 trip, visit fbcabq.com/malawimissionproject.

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