The Greatest Gift of All!

By Becky Cook

Eighteen years ago my dad, Dr. Ben Rogers, traveled to Africa with a group of pastors to preach the gospel throughout the villages of Malawi. Upon their arrival they were greeted by a young man who would be in charge of their transportation for the week. His name was Gift and he was a bus driver for a company in Malawi. His smile was infectious and he had an obvious deep love for his homeland.

As the week went on my dad struck up quite a relationship with him as they journeyed together from village to village. He listened intently to the gospel being preached day in and day out. By the end of the week God opened the door of Gift’s heart and my Dad was able to lead him to Christ. His life changed forever! My dad’s life changed forever! Our family’s life changed forever.

As my dad’s evangelistic ministry continued to flourish in that country, each year Gift and Dad tracked thousands of miles on foot and by bus to the unknown parts of the area. God blessed Gift with the opportunity to own that bus company and continue to make a better life for his young family. His love for my mom and dad ran deep. Some may wonder why, but he saw my dad as being the reason he had received the greatest gift of all…SALVATION!

Today as I looked through posted pictures of the Malawi 2016 Mission team, I saw the infectious smile of Gift alongside the sweet smile and dimples of my daughter, Amber. Almost two decades later, the mission of sharing that gift is still going on. As my dad is no longer able to physically travel and continue to minister to a people and country he loves, Gift continues to make sure that the gift offered to him years ago, is still offered to the lost and dying of his homeland. I am grateful that men and family members who have traveled with my dad in the past continue the great work in this country. AFBC is blessed to have men and women living out the great commission in this country each year. To all who have given financially and to those who have prayed daily, you too have lived out this great commission!

As this year’s trip comes to an end and we anticipate hearing the great stories from our team, should we not consider the lives here in New Mexico that need the greatest gift of all, Salvation! How long has it been since you or I have listened to the prayer of someone receiving the greatest gift of all? Maybe there needs to be a new hashtag… #greatestgiftofall

John 4:35-36 says, “Lift your eyes and see that the fields are ripe for harvest.” Whatever your “field” may be… You have a gift to share! It’s the greatest gift of all!


  1. Beautiful story sharing Becky. Thank you for sharing your story, your dad’s story… blessings. So Africa runs through your blood as well now through your daughter and son in law. Just beautiful!

  2. Becky, thank you kindly for sharing this inspiring story of Bro. Ben’s love for Malawi. His inspiration impacted my love for missions in so many ways. Love the Rogers family!!

  3. So that’s how the missionary thrust to Malawi began? I never new the story. Thanks for sharing Becky. Your dad’s faithfulness is being rewarded throughout the generations. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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