What People Are Saying About Work in Progress

By AFBC Staff

After four weeks of studying the same material together we can now look back see the impact it has had on individuals, couples, families, and our church fellowship.

Recently we distributed a survey asking for people to comment on their experience with the Work in Progress study. Here are just a few of the responses.

Highlights of the Study

Everyone doing the same study at the same time

Dealing with wounds

Hearing different points of view

Connecting with new people

Learning about why the Sabbath is so important to my spiritual walk

Taking time to focus on our priorities as a couple and a family

Realizing my priorities are out of whack

Understanding what commitment looks like

“I really loved having the three different ways to study the book: reading the book, the Sunday sermon and the small group discussion.”

Most Valuable Take-a-Ways

Don’t settle for mediocrity

The importance of persistent, passionate prayer, even in small things

Forgiveness and how to deal with it

Setting priorities

Persevering through something I promised regardless of how tough it gets

Regular re-evaluation is needed

Love those who have hurt or wounded me

Praying for people, not just things

“God needs to be our first priority in whatever stage of life we are in.”

The Benefit of Small Groups

Getting to know more people

Multiple views and perspectives

Connection with others

Developing a deeper relationship with God’s family of believers


Hearing that we often struggle with the same issues

Pastor Cook closed the Work in Progress sermon series with a message on commitment. The question now is, what are you going to do? How will you make a more personal investment in our fellowship as a result of this study?


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