By Karen Polich

In the span of eternity, our lives are but an instant.

We make hundreds of decisions every day. How do we decide what needs to come first? Can we see God’s light shining into us by the decisions we make? Our lives are defined by priorities.  If we are open and vulnerable to God, we can move towards setting our priorities according to His Word.

Pastor Michael M. Cook began his Work in Progress sermon series (listen here), walking us down the path of Godly priorities. He focused on five things for us to process in spiritual prioritizing:

  1. God first.
  2. Build a scriptural list of priorities.
  3. Make time for your priorities.
  4. Minimize and eliminate the expendable activities of life.
  5. Live in the light of eternity.

Sounds simple, right? I crave a life anchored in Biblical priorities. A life where I seek God first in all things and serve Him according to His plan instead of my own. But, it’s easy to become distracted and out of balance (John 10:10). Prioritizing according to His will allows me to return my focus to Christ and things begin to fall into place (John 10:10). What about you? Are you a work in progress like me?

We all need the light. Pray this week for God to shine His Son-light into us, allowing for growth that brings the life we were meant to live.

Scripture references related spiritual priorities: Revelation 2:1-5, Deuteronomy 6:5, Mark 12:30, Psalm 119:37, John 3:19-25.

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