Practical Faith

By Stewart Linthicum

Wow, today’s reading is a bit overwhelming. There are so many amazing stories and elements that one could spend days writing about them. Throughout this entire NT8 experience, I have done my best to look at the readings as a whole and not get lost in the details of a single verse or story. It has been inspiring to see God’s word in a fresh new format.

As I listened to today’s passage*, I kept noticing over and over again how Jesus’ disciples had to be reminded to have faith. As I imagine these experiences, I can’t help but see the same things happening again and again today.

Each Sunday at AFBC, I am responsible for making sure that most elements of the worship services run smoothly and there are no major hiccups. I am constantly concerned about the logistics and practical elements of things. It’s easy for me to get swept up in trying to predict what will happen next and what is required for that to be accomplished.

While hearing these stories today, I found myself relating to the disciples each time they were concerned about feeding the many people who were following Jesus.

“…Send the crowds away, so they can go to the villages and buy some food.”

This is very practical and understandable. I have no doubt that the disciple’s hearts were in the right place, wanting the people to be fed and sustained. They were so concerned about the wellbeing of the people that their faith in God to provide had faded. This happened again and again as Jesus taught and lived throughout His time on earth.

It’s easy for us to get caught up in the practical and tangible problems of this world. We sometimes lose sight of the deeper elements. Jesus calls us to have faith. It’s that simple. Don’t let your concern of worldly things cause you to lose your trust in His faithfulness.

*You can listen to the audio version of the NT8 project here (under resources) or on the AFBC app.

Learn more about NT8 at AFBC here

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