The “Be-Attitudes”

By Robert Thomas

A while back, I tried to memorize the first fifteen verses of Matthew 5. I spent my spare time at my job at a movie theater, meditating on this passage.

Verses 3-12 comprise what are known as the “Beatitudes”, or as I like to remember them, “Be-Attitudes” (can you tell I work with children?) They’re attitudes you should allow yourself to “be”. This Scripture is begging to be lived out in our lives.

These are promises. If you mourn, you’ll be comforted. If you’re merciful, you’ll be shown mercy yourself. If you hunger and thirst for righteousness, you’ll be filled.

One of the Beatitudes that stands out to me is, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” Purity of heart involves both your mind and your actions, to be totally free of evil, which is only possible through Christ. The promise is that you will see God, beholding the Glory of Him who created you as He works on this earth.

The passage turns toward the outside world and describes how we can be called blessed when people persecute and insult us. We are to rejoice and be glad, because our reward in Heaven will be great. If we’re persecuted we’re in good company: the prophets of old (along with many, many New Testament characters) were persecuted in the same way. Who wouldn’t want to aspire to their level of faith and service to Christ?

Meditate on these promises today. Which of the Beatitudes really speaks to you? Which ones do you struggle with understanding and doing? Today, I pray you would read these “Be-Attitudes” and really consider how to put these things into practice.

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