The Reason for Church

By Kristi Sullins

It is hard to find a more beautiful, functional picture of the New Testament church than the church in Philippi. Paul’s letter to these churchgoers was a letter to friends and surrogate family. In Paul’s time of struggle in a Roman prison it was his church family that reached out to him with both spiritual and financial encouragement.

In Philippians we see the church and its members functioning the way God intended the church to function. Love for others directed their actions. The goal was to be selfless, faithful, loving followers of God. When Paul was in need in a Roman prison the church did not hesitate to send a fellow believer with money as encouragement. The members of the church in Philippi did not separate their problems from the trials that Paul was experiencing because they understood that it was all for the kingdom.

Whether a full time evangelist like Paul, or new convert, we are called to show love to others in the church just like we are called to show love to the lost. The church should be made of those who bring thanksgiving to our hearts when we think of them. Instead, so often it is made up of those who cannot be content, and are not willing to sacrifice for the needs of others.

The church is meant to be a gathering of those reflecting the love of God with a passion to make sure that Christ is preached and needs are met. Never forgetting that as we pour out our short lives for others God is always meeting our needs according to His riches.

God’s church is for His glory, preaching the message of Christ, and loving His people. What do you expect from your church?

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