The “Encouragement”

By Trey Sullins

Have you ever felt that you don’t belong? I know I have.

In my reading, I see Paul writing this letter to a group of people called Gentiles. This means that they didn’t belong to the original chosen people, the Jews. I am guessing that they were feeling that they were not on the same “spiritual” level as the Jews. They were probably considered second tier Christians by the Jews and were treated differently.

As humans, if you think about things too much, you tend to begin to believe those things. God instructed Paul to write this letter to encourage the newly converted Gentiles. His letter was meant to assure them they were made part of the same family as the Jews through the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross.  They had been chosen to the one hope in Christ Jesus.

This is encouraging to me because I am not one of the chosen people groups that the Bible talks about. I would be considered a Gentile and yet, I have the same hope as God’s chosen. I have been grafted in the lineage of Christ as one of His children.

Now I must take the words of Paul and apply them to my life. I must use these words to help me live a godly life through my everyday preparation and commitment to focus on good things and not the things of this world. We need to call evil what it is and avoid it at all cost. Believers have been given tools to protect ourselves from the enemy and a weapon to combat evil. The most important tool is God’s Word.

God’s Word is powerful and alive.

Paul used it to encourage Gentiles who were struggling with their identity in Christ. He is calling you to use it to encourage others. We are all one family, worshiping one God.

Encourage someone today.

Learn more about NT8 at AFBC here.

One comment

  1. Thank you for writing this … I have often felt “second rate” and the reading this morning and your post really uplifted my spirit. Paul is an amazing author and encourager. <— is that even a word. ha ha.

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