The Word of God

By Robert Thomas

“But the Word of God continued to spread and flourish.” Acts 12:24

What an encouraging way to begin today’s reading. In Acts, as God’s Word is preached, lives are changed forever.

The story of Paul and Silas’ jailer in Acts 16 really spoke to my heart. This man saw the prison doors had been opened and thought his prisoners had escaped. He would have killed himself if not for an urgent warning from Paul, who sat waiting.

The jailer’s touching, trembling response in verse 30, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” Their simple reply, the Gospel: believe in Jesus, and you will be saved. The word of the Lord was spoken that night, and the jailer’s entire household was baptized. They were all filled with joy. Those lives were noticeably, radically, and permanently changed.

The Word of God is a catalyst for life change.

When it is spoken, people respond. Unfortunately, the response is often in opposition to God, but the Bible tells us, throughout Acts, of many, many times that people heard the Word of God and responded properly.

In Acts 19:18-20, people confess their sins. People who practiced sorcery burned their scrolls, at great cost to themselves. But, it was worth everything they gave up. Their lives were placed on a different path; they believed in the Lord Jesus. The Bible says in verse 20, “In this way the Word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power.” In this way, through people hearing and responding. People heard the Word of God and repented, and as they were born again, their lives were never the same.

I pray that you would hear the Word of God today, and that it would change your life. Let this change show itself in your response to God.

Learn more about NT8 at AFBC here.


  1. Good commentary, Robert. We can choose our own path and suffer or seek and choose God’s path and receive the reward of life eternal with Him. It’s a daily choice.

    1. Yes it is! It’s a daily, hourly, and moment-to-moment choice. We continually have the option to respond well to the Word of God. God’s desire is for us to give up whatever it takes to follow Him step-by-step!

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