Everyone Can Make a Difference

By Michael Cook

Wow! If you wanted a day with action packed pages, pages 64-75 provided that and more! In my reading today, I was reminded of the value of boldness. Stephen, Philip and Peter are standing firm in their service for the Lord. Stephen speaks with tremendous boldness and he pays for it with his life. Philip is called of God to share his faith with a eunuch. Peter has multiple tasks each requiring their own set of care.

God brought to my heart the reminder of the distinctiveness and uniqueness of our service. People were interacting in different places and different ways. God is at work orchestrating His tapestry.

As I read, I thought about the First Baptist family going out all over the city. You are in schools, businesses, and government offices, a true tidal wave of servants. I prayed today that God might use us in the distinctive place that He has planted us.

Boldness is essential for us to accomplish what God desires.

I could not help but to think that Saul (becoming Paul) was in for a big change. He was a fire breathing, Christian persecutor when we chronicle his life in these pages. Now as God transforms his life, he will go on to write half of our New Testament and impact the world. One heart and one life can make a difference. Make a difference today!

Learn more about NT8 at AFBC here




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