Why Does This Surprise You?

By Kristi Sullins

Why does this surprise you? This question stopped me in my reading. The story is a simple one I have heard many times. Peter and John heal a man at the gate called Beautiful. The man was fully healed after 40 years of being lame. All the people are astounded, and then comes the question “Why does this surprise you?” A man was healed in the name of the same power that raised Christ from the dead. Why are you surprised? The same God that kept His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, rescuing and redeeming them and the generation that followed empowered this man to walk. If God can do that they why are you surprised?

I found myself asking the same question. Why am I surprised that God can truly forgive my sins when I know His Son carried the weight of all our sins? Why am I surprised when He brings physical or emotional healing when I know that the dead were raised by just the power of His name? Why am I surprised?

This brief story in Acts forces me to acknowledge that I am surprised because I don’t think He will do it. My surprise is rooted in my faith or lack there of, not in God’s actual ability. Time and again in scripture we see the evidence of what God is capable of doing in and through lives.

When my faith is firmly set in who He really is then I will watch in expectation and not just stand in surprise.

Where do you find yourself? Are you waiting in expectation for what you know God can do, or are you always surprised He even bothers with you? Today, lift up prayers to Him, and then wait in expectation because you have faith in His power and love.

Psalm 5:3- In the morning I will order my prayers to you and eagerly watch.

Learn more about NT8 at AFBC here.


One comment

  1. When my faith is firmly set in who He really is then I will watch in expectation and not just stand in surprise.

    I love this comment. It is so simple, yet so essential!

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