The “Why”

By Trey Sullins

Often times we get wrapped up in the process of ministry. We look at how to get the most people through our doors by using the most effective means possible. In doing this, we can lose sight of the “why” of what we are doing.

In the scripture I read, it deals with the ministry of Christ from the time He was born until the time He died. Reading this very familiar passage, it stood out that Jesus was not the most popular among the “spiritual”, but He was popular among those who needed Him most, those who craved to be close to Him. I wonder if we foster the same feelings today with the focus on the right song or stage setting. I know from first-hand experience that as a staff we do everything we can to communicate the Gospel in the most effective way. Yes, we use modern technology, unique methods, and pretty buildings, but we never lose sight of the “why.”

Have you ever just sat and read what Jesus went through in His life here on earth? They didn’t have the modern technology of today to communicate salvation. The people around Him lived it. They experienced the disappointment first hand with Jesus right there in their midst. It is difficult to bring yourself to the point of total vulnerability with the possibility of rejection.

Jesus did what He did for us, for you and me, even in the midst of rejection.

With all of today’s modern methods of communication, we have it much easier to share the message of Jesus. Yet, we often choose not to share the “why” because of the fear of rejection. Jesus stood in the face of rejection to the point of death because of the love He had for us. Jesus told us to love others the same way. Don’t forget the “why.”

Go and make disciples, share the same love that Jesus showed you on the cross. It’s the only way of Salvation. Now, go!

Learn more about NT8 at AFBC here.

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