Not Just for Looks

By Ty Haguewood 

If we look through Luke, we get a very special account of a young son that has wondered off and returned home after leaving rebelliously. You have most likely heard this story called, “The Prodigal Son.” This is a beautiful account of a father’s love for his son and a bitter rivalry between brothers.

We have the younger brother who has abandoned everything his family stood for and walked willingly against his family. In this culture, this was unacceptable. On the other hand, we have the older brother who did everything right!! He did exactly what his father wanted him to do.

When the younger brother returns and is accepted and greeted by his father like nothing happened, the older brother becomes infuriated. Now, I know if you have been in church we all like to pride ourselves in being the younger brother!! I would like to challenge us to check our hearts to ensure that we are not the older brother. The older was representative of the religious while the younger were the outwardly lost. If we are not careful we can become so consumed by the outward and looking good for everyone that we become the religious.

I challenge us to embrace God’s grace and submit to God’s authority. Why? Well, it never works out good for the religious. The people who had everything looking good on the outside!! We have to understand that our good works will never be enough. Our religion, outside of Christ, will always be empty. We need the love of Jesus.

The greatest part: He meets us where we are regardless of what we have done. Beautiful. Grace.

Throw the empty religious attempts in the trash and run to Jesus. It is He that frees us. It is through His blood that we have redemption.

Learn more about NT8 at AFBC here.


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