The Boldness of Jesus

By Matt Snook

Today’s reading is one of the most fascinating sections of the Gospel. It gives real insight into the boldness of Jesus. Insight that we do not traditionally discuss in small groups or Sunday School lessons. In a few short years, Jesus accomplished more than any other man achieved over the course of a lifetime. He did not waste any time or mince any words introducing Himself.

As a thirty-three year old minister who still gets told I look too young, I have to smile at what Jesus did in this passage in Luke. He walks up, takes the scroll from the attendant, reads the Messianic prophecy about Himself, and tells His home church that He is the fulfillment of scripture. Then He confronts the people for not accepting Him as a prophet in His hometown and walks right through the middle of them when they take Him out to be stoned.

He walked through the crowd. He didn’t run away to the side, He strolled right down the middle untouched.

After this incredibly bold introduction, He goes on to perform miracles. He calls His disciples and He preaches the greatest sermon of all time.

Many people place Jesus in the category of great moral teachers and philosophers, but this is clearly not the picture presented in this account of His early ministry. People either followed Jesus whole-heartedly, or they called Him a lunatic and reacted violently to His words. They were not casually chatting about His moral ideas in the Jerusalem Starbucks. His teachings are not a buffet line of ideas to be perused for thoughts plucked out here and there as inspiration. He is a man of passion and action in addition to being our teacher. He must be accepted as Lord or rejected all together.

Learn more about NT8 at AFBC here.

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