Moses – A Great Vessel

By Karen Polich

Have you ever thought about how the life of Moses can impact how we live?

Phynnly Masiku, shared Sunday’s message and gave us insight on Moses. There is much we can learn from Moses. Listen to The Great Ones sermon series via podcast here.

Moses was many things, most importantly, he was called by God.

A man of faith and friend of God. Moses knew the God he was serving and spent time investing in his relationship with Him.

A prophet. God spoke through Moses.

An investigator. Growing up in the palace, he was able to see things from a unique perspective. When he saw something, he looked deeper. From the treatment of the Hebrew people to the burning bush, Moses was attentive. He used his knowledge to intercede for the Hebrew people.

A humble man. He did not seek to glorify himself, but to honor God. He was willing to submit to God. This required patience, trust and courage.

A man who knew hardship. Moses had his share of difficulties. In the hardships, he encountered the power and glory of God. This is where much of his personal growth happened.

A man of obedience. Moses had excuses when God called him to lead the Israelites, but he listened to God and was willing. God gave him support through his brother. God did not call him to work alone.

A great leader. Moses was successful. He was focused on God, willing to obey and God’s plan never fails.

We serve the same mighty God as Moses!

What we can learn:

  • In hardship, seek God.
  • God will not call us without equipping us.
  • With faith, we can engage with God like never before.
  • Leadership and knowledge come when we seek God, study His Word and are willing to share what we learn.
  • God knows our hearts. He will provide us with the encouragement and support we need to fulfill His calling.
  • When we give God room in our hearts, we will learn who we are. Our blessings come from Him.
  • Sometimes our biggest weaknesses are what God uses. Our weaknesses showcase God’s power and can create the opportunity for a team of people to work together for His Kingdom.
  • God’s plan never fails.

Take the lessons from life of Moses and use them in your own life today. The Great Ones can teach us how to answer God’s call in our life. Moses was willing. Are you?

Phynnly Masiku is part of the team working with us in Malawi. To learn more about the Malawi Mission Project, click here.







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