Compassionate Community – The Tabitha Touch

By Karen Polich

We often arrive at greatness in life through a long corridor of good, common and ordinary acts being done over and over again. – Michael M. Cook

Pastor Michael Cook continued his sermon series, Compassionate Community speaking to the legacy of Tabitha and her exceptional compassion. Listen here.

Who are you looking out for? Tabitha was looking out for the widows. Her focus was on the needs of those less fortunate. Read the scriptures here, Acts 9:36-42.

Tabitha                                                                You and me?
Focus: Others                                                                                                Focus: Self


Where are we on the spectrum? What is our focus?

Pastor Cook described three potential models for compassion.

  1. Somebody looks out for everybody. A group of any real size makes this difficult. Someone is bound to be left out of the “everybody”.
  2. Everybody looks out for everybody. While this sounds practical, it too has challenges of leaving some behind.
  3. Everybody looks out for somebody. This is the Tabitha Touch.

We can learn a lot from Tabitha. She was unexceptional in the fact that what she did to help the widows was not unique or rare. Sewing garments was a common thing, yet she lived an extraordinary life. Tabitha was consistent and humble.

True humility comes from having strength and power and using it for others.

Are we looking for something great to do in order to show compassion? These opportunities are rare. Most of us won’t be running into a burning building to save someone. While we wait, a parade of opportunities passes us by each day. In the small and ordinary, there are needs and brokenness.

The ability to show compassion and get involved in someone’s life over and over again goes beyond an act of helping and becomes a lifestyle. We can choose to be great.

“The signature of mediocrity is not the unwillingness to change. The true signature of mediocrity is chronic inconsistency.” – John Collins, Great By Choice

Tabitha teaches us what it means to find ways to use what we have to help others. If we look around us, we will see the needs. There is opportunity in the everyday to come alongside someone and pour compassion into their life. Our willingness to bring compassion speaks to the state of our hearts and the life we choose to live.

We will all leave a legacy. Will it be one of compassion?

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