Compassionate Community – Please Disturb

By Karen Polich

Compassion is empathy or concern for the suffering and misfortune of others. – Michael M. Cook.

Compassion can be a challenge. It isn’t always the easiest thing.

  1. Compassion may extend for a full season. There are times when it is one and done, but often it may go on. Those in need of compassion aren’t always a quick fix.
  2. Regaining life’s balance is an essential result of compassion. Deep hurts block the bigger view. Our compassions towards someone can begin the process of rebalancing their life after tough circumstances. (Ruth 2:10-12)
  3. True compassion honors initiative. We see this with Ruth and Boaz.

Are you wired for convenience? There’s so much to get done in our busy lives. We move through our routines with efficiency and speed. Really, there’s just so much to do!

True compassion will require most of us to re-wire. Demonstrating compassion will force us to travel at the pace of the person in need. It may not be convenient or easy.

Compassionate Community, Pastor Michael Cook’s new sermon series, takes us into the lives of Ruth and Naomi. (Ruth 1-2) The story pulls us straight into the concepts of life showing us vulnerability, tragedy and hope. Listen to the podcast here.

Ruth was looking out for Naomi and Boaz was looking out for Ruth. Their compassion was life changing. In each circumstance, compassion brought hope and empowerment that thrust them forward.

We have the opportunity to bring the kind of compassion that can transform another life. Who are you looking out for?

It may seem like a simple question, but it could require us to move into a place where things aren’t convenient and the pace is slower. We must be willing to allow God to open our eyes to the needs around us and ask Him to take of the “Do Not Disturb” sign from our hearts.

God is more than able to take our lives, completely redistributing and reprioritizing, giving us a heart that says “Please Disturb”.





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