Our World – Jephthah: Leader from the Wrong Side of the Tracks

By Karen Polich

Guilt is real, but grace is wonderful and forgiveness is free and full.– Michael M. Cook.

Pastor Michael Cook discussed what we can learn from God’s choice of Jephthah to lead His people. Listen to the podcast here and read about Jephthah in Judges 11.

There are three marks of Jephthah’s character that we can apply to our own lives.

  1. In the face of great difficulties, he showed character. Jephthah could have used his past as an excuse for poor behavior. For us, we must not blame our background or circumstances. We get to choose each day how we will live.
  2. In the face of great danger, have confidence. Jephthah did not let what he was facing intimidate him. His first focus before facing his enemies in battle was on prayer. We need to focus on God and stay connected to Him. People of faith are people of prayer.
  3. In the face of great disappointment, he showed commitment. Jephthah had made a commitment to the Lord and he stuck to it. When we start something, we should see it through. The integrity of our word matters.

In this messed up, upside down world, we can learn much from Jephthah about developing our character. Wherever you are today, there is a loving God that desires the best for you. (Jeremiah 29:11) His Word never changes and you can count on Him in all things.

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