Because He Loves Us (Part 2)

By Robin Thomas

O, how He loves you and me
O, how He loves you and me
He gave His life
What more could He give
O, how He loves you; O, how He loves me
O, how He loves you and me
Words and Music by Kurt Kaiser

Inexplicably, He loves us and His love for us elevates us to a new status. It gives us value and worth and significance. What an amazing truth. Through the eyes of His love, we become more than the sum of our parts.

Because He feels so strongly about us, He loves to spend time with us. I’m always ridiculously pleased when my cat, Jasmine seeks me out to spend time with me. No matter where I am in the house, she will be somewhere close by. She will find a spot near me and just sit there close to me, purring with her eyes closed in perfect contentment.

There doesn’t seem to be anything else in it for her — she just enjoys being close to me. Sometimes she snuggles up next to me in bed or sits on my chest and purrs into my ear. I just love having that proximity to her.

In the same way, God is blessed when we seek Him out, and take time out of whatever we’re doing to just sit close to Him. We can talk to Him, or we can just be quiet and still with Him. I think I need to take Jasmine’s example more often and work on learning to just sit at His feet and enjoy being in His presence the way she enjoys being in mine, to listen when He tells me something or just pour out my heart to Him.

I’m still internalizing the concept. I really want to comprehend that perfect love because I want to turn it around and give it back to Him.

I think about my kids, Elizabeth and Robert, and how they demonstrate their love for me and how much I would hate it if our relationship was merely one based on respect. It wouldn’t be the same at all. I lavish love on them and they return it back to me. This should be the model for my relationship with Jesus. I don’t want to wait until heaven to learn to love Him more. I want to start now. I want my love for Him to consume my life.

I might still struggle with the concept of just how much God loves us, loves me, but when we think about the words to Kurt Kaiser’s song it helps us realize just how much He loves us. Why on earth would He die for us? Because He loves us.

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