Our World: Just the Ordinary

By Karen Polich

The culture of any nation is the sum of its spiritual beliefs, social structure, ethical standards and moral behavior. – Michael M. Cook

The Our World sermon series continued with how God uses the ordinary for His glory. (Listen to Pastor Michael M. Cook via podcast here.)

God’s Word repeatedly shows the cycle of His people. There is peace, where God’s people are in harmony with God. Then comes the essence of sin, distracting and blinding. This is followed by the pain and consequence of sin, driving God’s people to cry out to Him. God’s deliverance follows. This sequence often happens in our own lives.

In Judges 2 -3, we see God’s people in the midst of this cycle. They seek God, fall into sin, hate the consequences of enslavement and cry out to God for help. Three judges were called by God during this time to teach God’s people. These were ordinary men God used for His extraordinary work. (Listen here.)

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. 2 Corinthians 10:4

Pastor Cook focused on three things God taught through these judges.
Experiencing God’s Presence. There is never a static moment in our life or culture. Each of us is either a change maker or is being changed by the world around us. God has given absolutes and standards for Christ followers.

Executing God’s Plan. God uses the imperfect for His plans. Whatever we have been given can be used for His glory. Our willingness to surrender to His calling is what matters, not any illusion of needed perfection.

Expecting God’s Power. God is in control and is never-changing. It matters not what is going on in the world, God remains the same.

What can we learn from these judges? Just like others God called in biblical times, there are key components of true Christian service. There is always a moment of surrender, giving everything we are to God. There is an element of availability where we bring what we have for Him to use. Then a moment comes when things are happening that can only be of the Lord.

The journey can be a long process but there is hope for all of us. Today, would you do what God has called you to do? He is searching us out, we need only to be open to His call.

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