Our World: Cultural Wars

By Karen Polich

The culture of any nation is the sum of its spiritual beliefs, social structure, ethical standards and moral behavior. – Michael M. Cook

There is a tendency to try to avoid the consequences of our actions. We will fight against the very thing we have created and squirm to get away from the inevitable. How many times are we willing to accept what comes from what we have done? The good stuff is easy, but what about the things we know we shouldn’t have done or neglected to do when we should?

Time and again, the Bible is clear in describing the law of consequences. We reap what we sow.  (Galatians 6:7-8)

Pastor Michael Cook’s sermon series, Our World begins with a look at cultural wars and how wrong actions lead to unwanted consequences. (Judges 1) Listen to the podcast here.

Judges 1 looks at the simple progression of God’s people.

They were fighting the Canaanites. Focused on doing God’s will, prayer and mutual cooperation were in place. God’s Word was the authority in their lives. They set out to defeat the Canaanites. Then they began fearing the Canaanites. Drifting began as they focused on what they could not do instead of what God could do. Intimidation set in followed by the infiltration of cultural things opposed to God. God’s people began following the Canaanites. Infiltration became more than specks of change. God’s people turned from His authority to the Canaanite way of life.

Surrendering to Gods authority can be hard, but if we aren’t seeking His authority in our lives where does that leave us? We will follow someone or something.

We can choose to guard our hearts and follow God’s authority, fighting for what we know is right. If we don’t, we will end up following what we know is wrong. We can wage this fight through love, allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work.

We reap what we sow. What seeds are being planted today?

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