Something to Consider

Guest post by Luke Myers (Originally appeared on


I find it worthwhile to consider and think it wise to stop and say:
I am one of 6 billion other “me’s” that live on this tiny speck of clay.
To consider the many other billions who’ve gone on to live before,
Who lived, loved, and dreamed like you and in death do so no more.

Consider the many infant souls, whose journeys have just begun,
Consider their wide variety of nation, culture, home, and tongue.
Consider that just this day alone on this speck of clay called Earth,
Will bring 150, 000 deaths and 360,000 births.

Now consider how a globe large enough to lodge some 6 billion lives,
Can in fact exist as a tiny dot, so minuscule in size.
Consider how our Earth will travel 1.6 million miles today,
Orbiting its energy source, some 93 million miles away.

Consider that this burning sun is 860,000 miles wide,
And somehow large enough to fit 1.3 million Earths inside.
Consider the Earth tilted on its axis at 23.5 degrees,
To yield its 4 seasons: snow, heat, wind, and changing leaves.

Consider we’ll spin at 1,040 miles per hour in flight,
To faultlessly bring about both the heat of day and the cool of night.
With one full revolution each day to hide the sun’s vibrant light,
And its promise to return again with warmth to kindly bring us sight.

Now consider if one thing went wrong or simply altered in its pace,
And the magnitude of consequences that we could not stand to face.
Consider the great, blazing sun at 27 million degrees,
And how quickly we would burn if nearer, if farther how we’d freeze.

Consider if our Earth changed course, trajectory, tilt, or speed,
And appreciate the scale of divine precision that we rely on and daily need.
It’s amazing to consider these marvels by the second taking place,
And still without full comprehension of the size of infinite space.

So consider now our greatest feat of measurement within our human might:
186,000 miles per second, the specific speed of light.
Consider that our greatest minds and inventions and our technological gain,
Will fall so short of such a stunning measure and its speed will not attain.

Consider now that at this speed, our little, tiny speck of clay,
93 million miles from the sun is but 8.3 minutes away.
Consider now our solar system, if its edges you wished to breach,
Would take that same light over 4 hours for it boundaries to reach.

Consider 25 trillion miles, the expanse to our nearest neighbor star.
Consider the 4 years and 2 months it would take for the light to tour this far.
Consider the 100 billion other stars that reside in our very galaxy alone.
Consider the 100,000 light years from its outer borders to our home.

And consider that just when we believe that we can comprehend no more,
There are 100 billion other galaxies that the light could go explore…

Now go back to our tiny Earth again, our dot, our speck of clay,
Where you’re one of 6 billion other souls that will live and breathe today.
With an outlook realigned and a perspective that’s fresh and new,
How could you ever actually think that this universe revolves around you?

Such error and neglect we embrace when we think there’s nothing higher,
Than for God to make us “happy” and give us all that we desire.
What reverence will go missing and what foolishness we’ve done,
When we assume our comfort and wish list as His priority number one.

But perspective can be revised and vision can become so clear,
When we finally take our eyes and energy off our depleted, worn-out mirror.
May we know that from Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things.
And it’s only by His benevolence and power that this life to us He brings.

What wisdom is gained when this truth we believe, grasp, and know:
It’s His universe, His reality, His plan, and His show.
And it’s only by His endless grace that we, flawed and simple man,
Can somehow be an instrument, a speck, in His great and perfect plan.

“Oh Lord, I cannot know or choose what amazes me about You most,
That You’ve created worlds unknown or that You draw near to me so close.
How amazing that You create all the galaxies that paint the nighttime sky,
Yet smile when I sing to you and hear me when I cry.

A universe too immense for thought with no two stars the same,
And yet You know my every single need and You know me by my name.
One hundred billion galaxies and still I trust in what You’ve said:
You know the desires of my heart and numbered the hairs upon my head.

Oh Lord, I just cannot comprehend or ever fully understand,
How You could love me as You do and include me in Your great plan!
So when I consider the stars above, Your mighty power and majesty,
May I consider the wonderful, awesome truth that You consider me.”

Bio: Luke Myers is 29 years old and lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He and his wife have a daughter who is nearly 1 year old. He works as a physical therapist and enjoys sports, music, and writing. He also loves to read and learn about our wonderful Lord Jesus! Read more at


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