A Journey to The Warm Heart of Africa


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By Karen Polich

What moves you, stirring the depths of your heart?

We serve a God who does immeasurable things. When we say “yes” to Him, we find honor in being tools in His hands and our hearts are never the same.

Just back from Malawi, Albuquerque’s First Baptist Church’s 2015 Malawi Team shared their stories on Sunday. They described moment after moment of God moving in mighty ways. It gave us a glimpse into what their days in Malawi were like. Clearly, God stirred their hearts.

Villagers in far remote locations heard God’s Word for the first time from the team and their interpreters. They began to understand. Pastor Noah reported 3618 adults made decisions to follow Christ. Voices spoke prayers with conviction; hearts were changed, lives transformed. Lake Malawi hosted baptisms. God’s hand was evident in every detail. Many rejoiced over the gift of a bible giving them the ability to read God’s Word.

Clean water now pours from a new well. While waiting hours for building materials, team members shared the Gospel with children playing soccer. All accepted Christ and then the materials arrived.

Opportunities to serve God wait for you. Where is God sending you? Start by praying, asking for God’s discernment and wisdom to respond to His call.

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me. John 10:27


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