True – Faithful to the End

By Karen Polich

God’s call on your life should be what you desire most. Faithfulness is essential.  – Pastor Michael Cook

In the final installment of his True sermon series, Pastor Michael Cook took us to the end of Samuel’s life and the lessons we can learn about being faithful and true. (1 Samuel 16) Listen to the entire True series here. There are four patterns in Samuel’s life that we can apply to our own.

Be faithful in the shadows. Samuel was. When he was young, he lived in the shadows of the priest, growing in stature and favor with God. He was doing the right things when no one was looking. Being faithful in the shadows means when the spotlight comes, you will be prepared. If you are young, don’t wait to be generous with your time and money. You are becoming who you will be. Don’t wait to do the right things. God’s call to be faithful is now. It is not intended for something to be done someday.

Embrace repetition in life. Samuel was consistent. He followed through with his responsibilities. People could count on him for fair judgement and dependability. If you are always looking for the next new thing, you will miss the rewards that come from being faithful to the things you do again and again.

Watch your step. Samuel was a man of integrity. He knew the value of doing the right thing for the right reason. It takes years to build your credibility and reputation. It requires discipline. A worthy lifetime can be torn to shreds in an instant. Choose wisely what steps you take.

Live to be missed. The Bible tells us when Samuel died, Israel cried. The people mourned the loss of God’s faithful servant. Are you living to be missed? People are drawn to someone who is faithful. Who are you impacting today and will your impact build a lasting legacy?

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

True faithfulness is something desperately needed in our lives. We can place faithfulness above ability, wealth, notoriety, and anything else that diminishes God’s call to be true. The choice is ours.

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