True – Rejected and Replaced

By Karen Polich

Being true matters.

Continuing his True sermon series, Pastor Michael Cook examined  what it means to be faithful and the bleak reality of seeking a false sense of security outside of God’s best. Listen to the podcast here.(1 Samuel 7: 15-17, 1 Samuel 8)

We find Samuel as an adult, leading God’s people when their hearts were scattered. Samuel was a man of integrity. He was true and faithful to the call of God. His years were spent visiting the same places over and over, delivering trustworthy judgement, counsel and communication to God’s people. His routine and behavior were consistent. Again and again he brought his best.

While Samuel was a reliable man of God, his sons were not. As Samuel grew older, the tribal leaders gathered and asked him to appoint a king. They wanted to raise an army and create more security as a nation. Samuel prayed and God was clear that they weren’t firing Samuel, but replacing God as their provider. They had forgotten that God had been faithful to His promises to make them into a nation. They ignored the calling that they were supposed to look different than those in surrounding areas who had kings.

We too look for security, and we often look to things other than God. There is nothing wrong with achievements or having strong finances or whatever it may be. The problem arises when we look to these things to find the security we already have in God.

God is interested in being God, while we tend to be interested in replacing Him. – Pastor Michael Cook

We can learn from Samuel. His focus was on God and his routine never wavered. He understood living out the fruit of the spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23)

When we have a solid routine in our lives, there is much to gain about what it means to be faithful. We should be bringing our very best in everything we do. A champion is not made without the discipline of a good training program. It takes accountability created through consistency. A champion gives their best and follows a routine. Over time that consistency bears fruit. It is the same in our lives.

What does your life’s routine look like? Does your security rest in His faithfulness?

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