True Decisions

By Karen Polich

Does God have your total devotion?

In his True sermon series, Pastor Michael Cook asked the question, “What is competing with God for your devotion?” (Listen here.) Read 1 Samuel 4, 1 Samuel 7.

The Bible is clear about God’s command: “You shall have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:3) In biblical days, idol worship was easier to spot than it is today. During those times idol worship often revolved around statues and false gods. Today the lines are blurred.

We may not bow down to a golden calf, but God doesn’t always come first in our lives. We allow other things to consume us. Our idols come in many forms. Our focus on success, control, a relationship, past pain or our bank account is a problem when it rivals the attention we give God. Often when one idol fails us, we quickly swap it out for another one. Idols build in our hearts and we decide to follow paths that turn us away from Him.

Discerning the need to add and subtract what rules our lives is a monumental decision. Clarity from God can give us the ability to identify what needs to be removed from our lives.

Remember Samuel? Samuel kept his focus on God. Eli’s sons were focused elsewhere. God prepared Samuel along the way while those around him served themselves. What needs to go or be adjusted so that God comes first? Does God need to be added as the center of our lives?

God’s preparation in our lives is frequently subtle and small. We can look back and see where He was moving us towards Him. Sometimes we don’t see it until we are in a big moment and it suddenly seems clear.

Could today be the beginning of a season of change, marked by a decision to give God our full attention?



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