DNOW 2015 – Living in a Dying World

By Karen Polich

What happens when you bring together an amazing group of volunteers who pour themselves into fifty youth during an intense weekend of D-Now? A phenomenal spiritual experience occurs.

With eighty volunteers, eight homes, spot on worship led by Adam and Julie West and a solid message delivered by Jason Boggs, the youth that converged on Albuquerque’s First Baptist Church were challenged to analyze where they are in reference to where God wants them to be. We are living in a dying world where God has called us to be the salt and light. Struggles come but no one is walking alone. Burdens can be shared. Difficulties can be overcome together in the family of Christ followers.

Life changing decisions were made. Many teens made decisions to truly walk in God’s plan. Being the light in this world requires intention. Nine teens gave their lives to Christ after hearing the message of salvation.

We are all living in a dying world. After an amazing DNow event, the challenge is there for each of us to examine how we are choosing to live in this world. What do others see when they look at you and me?


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