True – Sights and Sounds from Hard Places

By Karen Polich

Do you stand out in your environment?

In his True sermon series, Pastor Michael Cook continued to examine the story of Samuel. Read 1 Samuel 2-3. Listen to the podcast here.

Hannah honored her promise to God and took little Samuel to live at the temple. He was under the care of the high priest, Eli. At a glance, we might assume that this was a “pure” environment surrounding Samuel, but it was far from what it should have been. Eli’s two sons had no regard for the Lord. In the midst of their immoral choices, Samuel stood out. He was different. Imagine a young boy running around in the temple “ministering before the Lord” while those around him were wicked. Eli verbally rebuked his sons, but the scoundrels were the ruin of Eli’s family. Their vile behavior against the Lord continued.

God called out to Samuel and told him of His plans to destroy Eli’s sons and remove Eli as the high priest. God chose to speak to Samuel, the little one, over Eli, the educated priest.

How can we live lives that are true and faithful? We can learn a lot from Samuel. His response to life around him was remarkably different than the behavior of Eli’s sons. They heard the same things and saw the same temple, yet Samuel honored God while Eli’s sons were detestable.

There are times when being true is quiet and subtle.

To be faithful and true in a difficult environment is challenging. We all have struggles along the way, but our faithfulness matters. Samuel answered the call from God. How about you? Is your heart open to hearing God when He calls?

The world needs people marked by faithfulness to God. How we deal with people around us reflects the love we have for Him. Are you standing out?






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