Days of Suffering – A “Grave” Subject

By Karen Polich

You need never fear the grasp of death when you are in the grip of God!  – Pastor Michael Cook

Pastor Michael Cook continued his sermon series on the book of Job and brought us to Chapters 18 and 19. (Listen to the podcast here.) Bildad continues his assault on Job. He wants him to know that he is going to die a horrible death because of his supposed hidden sins. He goes on and on about the fate that awaits.

It reminds us that the world will shake us at times, especially surrounding death. Darkness may seem like it will engulf everything and that there will be no way out. When death looms, it is all around. How much thought have you given death? Until you have been faced with the pain that accompanies death, probably not very much. There is such finality when death is viewed with worldly eyes.

Job doesn’t view death through worldly eyes. He responds to Bildad with a faith that awakens, a belief that there is more. He questions why Bildad doesn’t leave matters between God and Job alone. He reminds him that there is no getting away from God. Job understands something very important. He has looked at his own life and the death that surrounds him and is focused on knowing that he will see God with his own eyes when his flesh has disappeared.

I myself will see Him with my own eyes – I, and not another. How my heart yearns within me! Job 19:26



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