Days of Suffering – Confrontational Moments

By Karen Polich

Job 8-12

Job’s life had just been dismantled by unspeakable loss. Anguish engulfed him. His friends found him, but they brought no encouragement. Instead of comforting Job, they poured out words of confrontation and accusation.

Pastor Michael Cook takes us into the place where God can move confrontation and criticism into something that builds character. Listen to the podcast here. The crisis that comes in the midst of criticism and brutal accusation brings the need to focus on God’s character. It is a time when personal growth can happen in unimaginable ways. God stands in the gap for us when we are in despair.

The character of the critic builds from intimidation and the need to make an impression. The critic attacks you at your weakest. The hits come where you are most vulnerable, seeking to prove that you are wrong or worthless.

Regardless of circumstance, God’s grace runs deep. There is not a single sin our God cannot and will not forgive. God is amazing! He will take that despair and build something beautiful. His character is unwavering.

My dear friends, take note of this; Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. James 1:19

Sometimes we may not be the one in despair, but the friend with the opportunity to bring comfort. Be careful not to share misery or create more hurt. What if the situation is such that God is doing mighty work through the pain and despair? We can learn from Job’s friends what not to do. A true friend will seek to speak life not more destruction.

Confrontational moments will come. Regardless of which side of the situation we find ourselves on, we have a choice. Will we let God build character or will we add to the misery?

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