What Does Christmas Mean to You?

By Gerry Wakeland

We may think children look at Christmas from a different perspective than adults. But a recent survey shows us that the children of AFBC think of lots more than Santa Claus and presents at Christmas.

On a recent Sunday the children in our Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade Class and our Pre-Teen group were asked this question:

What one word describes what Christmas means to you? Here are their answers.

The Kindergarten Class is led by Jim and Dawn Carmody.

Evie Dorroh Jesus
Toriana Sciarrillo God
Dustin Nieto Love
Tyler Pitz Presents
Brianna Meisner Jesus
Mr. Jim Jesus
Ms. Dawn Joy

AFBC 1st and 2nd Graders are taught by Robyn Savage.

Kamden Glade Jesus Christ
Christopher Valenzuela Jesus’ Birth
Lewis McFadden Family
Blake Nieto Jesus’ Birthday
Adalynn Day Christ
Elise Robert Lord
Brooklyn Sciarrillo Love
Isabelle Savage Giving
Kaitrin Polich Savior
Rachel Alexander Love
Trevor Mee Family
Ms. Robyn Celebration

Our Pre-Teen Class (5th and 6th Grade) is led by Robert Thomas and Jameson Anderson.

Jeremiah Leetham Joyful
James Woffard Family
Sophia Sullins Festive
Denise Alexander Exciting
Carolyne Savage Holy
Ellie Pitz Calm
Bailey Dobson Birth
Juliet Valenzuela Wonderful
Ashley Thomas Joyful
Mikaela Glade Bright, wonderful, merry
Robert Thomas Bright
Jameson Anderson Stupendous!

What one word would you use describe Christmas!


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