The Comeback of Christian Conduct

By: Karen Polich

What does your witness look like? Is it consistent? Do you control your tongue?

What if non-believers aren’t looking for Christ because they think they already see Him in you and I and it doesn’t look good?

What is our witness as a church body? Does the Church look different from the world? Do we hold on to insults and hurts, or do we truly seek to love one another and demonstrate what that looks like? People are attracted to those who sincerely care for others.

From the teachings in 1 Peter 3:8-12, Pastor Michael Cook discussed what true Christian conduct should be. We have a responsibility as individuals and as a member of the body of believers to live differently. How we live speaks volumes about us to non-believers.

Our witness depends on how we live among the brethren.

  • Like-minded – in harmony
  • Sympathetic – feeling for others
  • Brotherly – with intentionality
  • Kind hearted – showing compassion
  • Humble – with humility and submission

Does your life reflect these 5 elements?

Our witness depends on how we live in the world.

  • What is your disposition?
  • Don’t trade insult for insult.

God has a plan for you. That is where your focus should be.

Our witness depends on how we live with ourselves.

  • Turn from evil
  • Do good
  • Seek peace
  • Pursue peace

How many people give up the good life God has already given them for some dream life in the future?

We all have times when things don’t go well. Perhaps it is a difficult relationship or loneliness. It may be unkind words or lies that sting, leaving us feeling hurt. Reputations may suffer. Setbacks may keep coming at you. Whatever is going on in your life, you are not alone and as a Christian you are called to a higher standard. Your witness is determined by how you conduct yourself in both the best and worst of circumstances.

So, how is your conduct today?

Listen to Pastor Michael Cook’s complete sermon here.





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