EUREKA! I Found It!

“Are you excited? I’m excited!” Pastor Kevin’s voice echoed throughout the sanctuary of the Cherry Street Baptist Church in Clarksville, AR.

Thirty-one men, women, and children had traveled from Albuquerque to Clarksville to partner with the members of Cherry Street in community missions. We had two assignments: help the church members provide a neighborhood carnival and movie night and conduct Vacation Bible School for the church using the same material that we had used at Albuquerque’s First Baptist Church a few weeks prior.


See pictures from this year’s trip.

“On Monday we passed out flyers like we did at Seville Park,” said Libby Edwards, one of the five students that made the trip. While many of the AFBC team circulated flyers throughout the residential neighborhoods and nearby business district, others like Kevin and Ryan Cook set up games and bounce houses for the kids to enjoy.

Teri Butler, VBS Coordinator for Cherry Street Baptist said, “It was exciting to see the many families who stopped throughout the day to find out what was happening at the church.” Many returned later that evening to enjoy carnival games, hot dogs, snow cones and cotton candy, followed by a viewing of the popular Disney film, Frozen. Pastor Trey sang along with most of the songs.

One of the primary purposes of movie night was to promote Vacation Bible School and throughout the evening we could see the excitement for VBS building.

Tuesday night arrived and we waited with anticipation to see how many kids would show up. Slowly they trickled in and then suddenly the sanctuary was filled with shouts of excitement as Pastor Trey took his place on stage. Eureka had begun.

Each night brought new boys and girls, each one looking forward to a fun-filled evening of music, games and Bible lessons. Church secretary and Cherry Street member, Margie Yarbrough said. “I love it! We had several saved and that’s the point. It shows that the church is trying to reach people for Christ.”

As the final session grew to close, Pastor Trey encouraged the children to stay involved in church. “Tell your parents to bring you on Sunday mornings.” Ronnie Butler, youth leader at Cherry Street loved Pastor Trey’s enthusiasm and excitedly jumped in inviting the kids to be part of Pastor’s Pals at Cherry Street.
Ice cream sandwiches and goodie bags in the Fellowship Hall capped off the evening.

“Our whole mission was to help this church,” said Robyn Savage. Our mission was accomplished. Children found the Lord. Two churches located hundreds of miles apart discovered that by working together they could accomplish something exciting in the community. With a renewed enthusiasm and vision, the folks at Cherry Street Baptist Church will continue to make a difference in their community and thirty-one men, women and children from AFBC return home knowing that they made a difference for the Kingdom of God.

Eureka! We found it!

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