I’ll Be Praying for You

I’ll Be Praying for You

By: LuAnn Edwards

“I’ll be praying for you.” How often have we tried to show comfort or concern by repeating these few words? Do we often forget to follow through with our promise to pray. When we do remember to pray, are we spending quality time with God or are we in a hurry to get to the next name on our list?

Prayer is a conversation with our Lord.

We should pray earnestly, Luke 22:44 (intently); fervently, Col. 4:12 (zealously); and pray in faith, James 5:15 (with belief, trust and confidence).

Several years ago, while reading a devotional during my lunch hour at work, I sensed the Lord trying to impress something upon me. The devotional included additional scriptures to compliment the reading each day. I pulled out my Bible and read 1 Samuel 15. I was overcome with the presence of God and the Holy Spirit speaking to me.

I wept as I read aloud this chapter about King Saul and his disobedience to God. I was moved as I realized that I, too, had been walking in disobedience. As I began to confess my disobedience, I asked the Lord to show me how I had specifically disobeyed. I asked Him to reveal my sin to me.

Later that afternoon, a business associate stopped in to see me. I asked Peggy about her nephew, a little baby named Jeremy that I had been praying for. She had asked me to pray for him a few months earlier when he had lost his vision in one eye. It was possible that he might lose sight in his other eye. With many others, I had prayed that the Lord would restore sight to Jeremy’s blinded eye and would heal his good eye as well. Peggy shared with me that the doctors believed Jeremy would now be able to see from the eye that was previously thought to be blind. After several surgeries, he was doing very well. We both thanked the Lord for His goodness and healing.

After Peggy left, I realized my sin and disobedience. Although I had been praying for Jeremy as I said I would, I wasn’t praying as I had been called to pray, to intercede on Jeremy’s behalf. I was not praying as earnestly or fervently as I should have been. I believed God was able to perform a miracle but fell short in my commitment to pray as I should. I asked Him to speak to me and lead me in this calling to prayer. He reminded me of a song, and I sang it to Him quietly and sincerely from my heart, right there at my desk, I thanked Him for speaking to me through His holy Word even though He spoke to me about my disobedience and sin.

I wish to honor Him through obedience and pray earnestly, fervently and in faith believing He will answer.

Please join me in committing to pray for those to whom we say, “I’ll be praying for you.”



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  1. Ouch. Thanks for the much needed reminder. I often take prayer too lightly. Taking a request before God’s throne is a serious thing.

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