Giving God Every Crevice of My Heart

Prayer: Giving God Every Crevice of My Heart

Romans 12, Colossians 3

By: Karen Polich

Like you, I pray, but I don’t always pray the way that I should.  I am great at praying for what I think I need, but that may not be what God knows that I need.  Sometimes I am focused, obedient, willing.  I listen well, have patience and put the needs of others before myself.  But sometimes I can’t get past myself; my worries, my needs, my hurts, my desires.  I am usually not such a good listener during those times. Thankfully God knows my heart and knows what is best for me. I am so grateful for His patience.

When things go awry, I pray. When things are great, I pray.

Praise, thanksgiving and the wonder of His mighty power and amazing grace consume me.  Blessings abound in all things.  I need only but look.  When I do, prayers become deeper. The prayers “in all things” are where I really grow as a Christ follower.  Praying Scripture and praying with pure honesty transforms. It is amazing what God will do!

 But do I give Him every crevice of my heart?

Do I give Him my pride and my shame; my mistakes and disappointments? Do I think too highly of myself? (Romans 12) Do I think eternally? (Colossians 3) Am I truly obedient? If I am obedient, I am doing what God is asking me to do when He is asking me to do it.

My rawest prayers come when I am in a place of sorrow or despair. I always find Him there, waiting for me.  He is patient, gentle and kind.  He holds my heart while I pour out my hurt.  There are seasons where I pray about the same hurt again and again. He always listens. His healing brings me closer to having an eternal perspective and a genuine testimony through the necessity of the hurt in developing my maturity as a Christ follower.

There are times when praying involves a tough situation.  People are involved and that can be tricky.  Am I bringing God the areas of the ripple effect?  The stuff that falls into the consequences of the decisions I make. Is the tendency to only bring God what most concerns and affects me?  What is the big picture? Do I stop and ask God to help me consider everything?  Will my decisions affect others? I know both sides of this. I have caused pain when my focus was on my own needs as the number one priority. I rushed to a decision instead of being patient and listening for God’s voice, making sure I considered every area while giving God the final say. I have also been the receiver of the pain when decisions were made without considering the fallout of relationships.

God truly uses all situations to work His good for His glory. His grace abounds even when I do things my way instead of checking with Him. Are there consequences? Yes, and they can be painful, but God can restore and renew a heart that has been broken or has caused the breaking. Genuine faith shines when God sees me praise Him even in difficulty.

Prayer is a gift. It deepens my relationship with our Heavenly Father. It reminds me that I am never alone. Prayer brings me into His divine presence where worship, confession, thanksgiving, and action can occur. There is beauty in prayer. God can move mountains when I pray. He desires every crevice of my heart.

What about you? Have you given Him every crevice of your heart?


  1. Thank you for sharing, Karen. Like you, I question sometimes if I’m giving Him my all…every crevice of my heart. I’m so grateful to our Father for His patience and love. And I’m grateful to you for sharing and pushing me to think and be more active in my prayer.

  2. Karen, this is so beautifully said. It reminds me that God’s will should be the focus of our prayers not how we can move from a hurtful situation. Thank you.

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